The functional genomics platform expands its sequencing capacity with the incorporation of the new NextSeq2000

The new technology will allow researchers to carry out larger studies, with more samples, quickly and with greater sequencing depth at a lower cost.

The NextSeq2000 is a high-performance, highly versatile sequencer

The IDIBAPS Functional Genomics Platform has acquired a NextSeq2000, the new Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) sequencer from the company Illumina.

In 2013, the platform acquired a MiSeq sequencer, with which they have performed more than 500 genetic analyses, from more than 20 of the institution’s research projects. Basically, they have performed targeted-panel studies, looking for specific genes, and microbiome analysis. With the incorporation of the new sequencer, the platform has significantly increased its sequencing capacity and is fully compatible with the current MiSeq sequencer.

The NextSeq2000 is a high-performance, highly versatile sequencer that makes it possible to sequence up to 150 base pairs in what are called paired-end analyses, and generates from 400 to 1100 million reads in a single run.
This large capacity makes it an ideal system for performing exome (WES), RNA-Seq (stranded mRNA and total RNA), mutational load, targeted panels (custom and pre-designed), microbiome and ChIP-Seq studies, and other applications, at a highly competitive cost.

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