The Hospital Clínic’s comprehensive model for victims of sexual violence recognized by the Department of Health

The Government of Catalonia's Department of Health has recognized the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona’s comprehensive model for caring for victims of sexual violence as a best practice for dealing with male violence in the field of public health. The Department of Health has recognized the comprehensive, integrated health care model for victims of sexual violence at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona’s accident and emergency department, and the Programme for Prevention and Treatment of the Psychic Effects in Sexually Assaulted Women in the city of Barcelona (TEPT-AGRESX).

The Clínic's Model for the comprehensive treatment of sexual violence is a health care model that involves the accident and emergency department and monitoring. An interdisciplinary team with different professionals and levels of care carries out this treatment. The programme guarantees a victim-centred approach, offering the patient support, respect in the decisions made, and avoiding secondary revictimization. It is a model designed and led by the Commission for Intra-family and Gender Violence.

The protocol involves professionals from different areas: nursing; social work; gynaecology; surgery; psychiatry and psychology; and professionals specializing in infectious diseases.  The protocol is designed to provide victims with proactive treatment, emotional support, empathy and someone who can listen to them.

This accreditation is the result of an interdisciplinary task carried out by the different teams of professionals in a comprehensive, integrated manner with the patients treated, the victims of sexual violence. 

In 2020, the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona treated 297 cases of sexual violence in the Accident and Emergency Department. These figures are 41% higher than in 2019, as a result of the pandemic and social mobility restrictions. The Hospital Clínic is a referral hospital for the treatment of sexual violence in individuals aged 16 and over, and in the implementation of a specific, cross-cutting protocol for their care.   Once again, this reaffirms the Hospital Clínic’s institutional commitment to treating women who are victims of sexual violence.