The last IDIBAPS seminar focused on the advancement in cirrhosis classification

The diagnosis of cirrhosis has experienced important progresses in recent years. In addition to improved techniques for a good diagnose, this diagnosis is now richer in information about patient's prognosis and the degree of development of pathology. Dr. Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao, from Yale University, spoke about it at a recent IDIBAPS seminar, held on Monday January 23. She is a regular collaborator of the team led by Dr. Jaume Bosch at IDIBAPS - Hospital Clínic, an international reference in the field of hepatology and liver hemodynamics.

garcia_tsaoDr. Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao has published numerous articles, including a NEJM review with Dr. Jaume Bosch, playing an active role in the advances in diagnosis, prognosis and classification of cirrhosis. Currently there are two different main phases of the disease, compensated and decompensated. Depending on the additional conditions identified together with this classification, such as varices, portal hypertension and ascites, the prognosis is more or less severe. This new classification has enhanced the diagnosis and the monitoring of patients according to their needs.

During the talk she also spoke about the need to identify new biomarkers to complement the information extracted from a biopsy. The main area of expertise of Dr. Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao is in the field of portal hypertension, but her cross-sectional view of the problem is very valuable to further improve the care of patients with cirrhosis.