Document of Living Wills

Information on the processing of Living Wills,

The Living Wills Document (LWD) is a document with directives freely made by a person in a state of mental lucidity, in which the person expresses the instructions regarding the medical actions to be taken in the event of the person's suffering an incurable or irreversible physical or mental illness that has no posssibility of healing. Said directives must be taken into account when it is no longer possible for the person to express his/her will. There is the Decree Law that regulates the Register of the LWD.

The document is formalized by a notary or by three witnesses. In the latter case, the witnesses must be adults, with full capacity to act, and at least two of whom must not be related to the person (up to the second degree of consanguinity). The registration in the Centralized Register of the corresponding Living Will is voluntary, but recommended. If necessary, the doctor in charge of care can consult the Centralized Register of Living Wills, obtaining, if possible, a printed copy that must be incorporated into the person's medical history.

The Citizen Service Units of the various headquarters offer information and assistance for the preparation of the LWD and its registration in the person's medical history.

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