Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

With over 100 years of history, the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is a leading public healthcare provider in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia and the world, clearly committed to excellence in its three main areas of action: healthcare, research and teaching. The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is a public consortium made up of the Government of Catalonia (CatSalut) and the University of Barcelona. The Clínic is a community hospital for its area of influence, Barcelona Esquerra, with a population of 540,000 inhabitants and, at the same time, operates as a care facility for highly complex cases. The latter function involves treating patients in Catalonia, mainly in the areas of the Vallès Oriental and Osona and, for certain specific procedures, patients in other autonomous communities across Spain.


It covers virtually all medical and surgical specialities and leads the way in partnerships with several healthcare institutions to offer top quality patient care. The hospital occupies a prominent position in various rankings that compare it with other Spanish hospitals based on efficiency and quality indicators, and also considering its reputation among patients and professionals.


It has a long-standing tradition in research, which makes it an institution of reference, both nationally and internationally. Most of the research work is coordinated by the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS). IDIBAPS is a research centre of excellence, which deals with both the most common and rare diseases. It is a public consortium comprising the Government of Catalonia, the Hospital Clínic, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona, and the CSIC Institute of Biomedical Research in Barcelona as an associated centre. It is the centre with highest level of scientific production in Spain and is one of the top 25 worldwide. Today, the Clínic Foundation for Biomedical Research (FCRB) manages the research projects.

Teaching and Training

It carries out important teaching work at undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels, which includes the training of resident doctors and the organization of continuous training activities. The university training activities are particularly closely linked to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Barcelona. Through its professionals, it also offers external training, which is also organized under the Aula Clínic brand. The Hospital Clínic is one of the most popular centres in Spain for residency training with students who have graduated in medicine, nursing, pharmacy or psychology. Over the years, it has been placed at the top of the rankings based on this parameter. 

TRUST, GRATITUDE and GENEROSITY, the Clínic’s values

The Hospital embraces the values of trust, gratitude and generosity in order to attain the maximum levels of excellence, thanks to the combination of quality patient care, well-being and satisfaction, innovative capacity, personalized care, and efficiency in the use of resources for the sustainability of a high quality public health system.


The Hospital Clínic is a public body, co-funded by the Government of Catalonia, through the Catalan Health Service and the University of Barcelona. The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona forms part of the Catalan Integrated Public Health System (SISCAT). The Hospital Clínic's highest governing body is the Governing Board, currently chaired by Mr. Enric Crous.


The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is made up of Institutes, Centres and Departments.  The 10 clinical institutes bring together specialities that share the diagnosis and treatment of one organ or system in the human body. The Diagnostic Imaging Centre and the Biomedical Diagnostic Centre carry out diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures on patients being treated in the Institutes. The Accident and Emergency Department, the Surgery Department and the Pharmacy Department are crosscutting. They operate under the Medical Management and collaborate with the whole Hospital.

The Institutes, Centres and Departments are organized by Services (42 in total). Moreover, the hospital is committed to the deployment of Functional Units. The Unit is defined as a patient-oriented, intra- or inter-Institute functional structure, which includes professionals of different specialities with common healthcare, teaching and research objectives, focusing on a single disease or group of diseases.

The Management and Functional Areas are in charge of the Hospital's crosscutting activities, ensure the coordination between the different Institutes, Centres and Departments and promote the processes, tools and resources required to provide the best patient care and professional development.

Via this link, you can consult the Hospital Clínic's Annual Report 2020.

Appointment of Dr.Josep Maria Campistol, Director General
We are leaders in healthcare, teaching and research, but we also want to be leaders in humanity. Excellence is our goal, the patients our raison d’être and the professionals our driving force. Total commitment to our country’s public health system.

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