How can loss of consciousness be prevented?

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The following conditions may predispose a person to a loss of consciousness:

Closed stomach, lack of appetite and anorexia


Person sleeping on a bed

Not having enough sleep.

Person drinking a standing glass of water

Not drinking enough water. In hot spells and/or with intense physical exercise it is important to ensure that enough water is being taken, as well as mineral salts, fruit and vegetables, especially if there is a tendency to have dizzy spells in these circumstances. 

A pitcher of beer and a Martini or cocktail glass

Drinking alcohol.

Woman coughing and, in a circle, bladder leaking urine

If there is a tendency to retain the urine or cough a lot, this can trigger fainting (situational syncope). In these cases, it is advised to try to urinate sitting down or go to a doctor to alleviate the cough.

Woman sitting on a chair with correct posture

Getting up suddenly. 

To those individuals who suffer from fainting spells easily (vasovagal  syncope), they are recommended, when they suffer cold sweats, blurred vision, nausea, etc., to stretch out on the floor or be seated with the head lowered for as long as possible, or until they recover. In this case, it is important not to drive any vehicle at that time or for some hours later. 

Substantiated information by:

Elisenda Gomez Angelats

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018


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