Symptoms of Loss of Consciousness

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Person putting a hand to the head, with a symbol indicating dizziness and malaise

Dizziness. Sensation that you are going to lose consciousness within a few moments, including instability of the body (cannot remain standing correctly).

Person holding hands to neck, sweating, pale, unable to breathe, feeling short of breath, short of breath, choking or breathlessness

Feeling of heat or a hot flush. At the beginning, a feeling of intense heat may be noted, particularly, in the face and neck.

Blurred person, representing blurred vision

Blurred vision. It is a very common symptom just before losing consciousness.

Pale person with heavy sweating

Cold sweats. It is a fairly common symptom.

Person walking with difficulty or less legs sensibility

Heaviness in the legs and difficulty in moving the body and even to speak.

Confused man at table with papers with question marks on his head

Confusion, bewilderment. Initially, they may note that they do not know where they are, or what day, month, or time it is, and that it is difficult to think lucidly. 

Woman vomiting into the toilet

Nausea, and sometimes vomiting, can accompany the symptoms. 

Besides losing consciousness when one faints, they may also present with:

  • Pallor. The person that suffers this becomes increasingly paler as the clinical condition progresses, until they recover.
  • Fall. They may fall down on the floor.
  • Spasmodic  shaking of the body. As if it was an epileptic fit.
  • Pulse weak and slow or rapid. 
  • Lowering of blood pressure (arterial hypotension). The blood pressure is usually low because, during this time the body “works” to send blood to the brain

Substantiated information by:

Elisenda Gomez Angelats

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018


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