Symptoms of Asthma

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The symptoms of asthma vary from one person to another, both in frequency and in severity. Alternating periods in which the patient is asymptomatic with others in which severe asthmatic episodes appear. Due to this variation, it is important to distinguish the symptoms of diagnosis and those of exacerbation.

Respiratory sounds, lung whistles, strong breathing

Wheezing or “whistles”. They are the sounds that the air makes on passing through the airways that are narrow and obstructed. They are usually heard in the exhalation period (when the air comes out).

Persistent cough

Cough. It can be dry or accompanied by mucus. It can take the form of a coughing fit and, usually, it is mainly nocturnal, which can affect sleep and the night-time rest of the patient.

Shortness of breath, choking

Dyspnoea or shortness of breath. It appears on doing exercise. In the event of an exacerbation of the asthma, the dyspnoea can appear at rest and, even can make speech laboured.

chest pain

Chest oppression. It is a generalised feeling of tightness in the chest.

nariz, picor nariz

Nasal symptoms. Such as irritation, sneezing, and blockage.

When to go to emergency services?

One must go to emergency services when there is an uncontrolled reaction of the asthma, and there are the following symptoms:

Shortness of breath, choking

Shortness of breath, even at rest.

shortness of breath or dyspnoea

Bluish colour in the lips or face (cyanosis).

heart rate, high blood pressure

Rapid pulse.

Confused man with question marks in his head

Change in mental lucidity.



Substantiated information by:

Alejandra Lopez Giraldo
Antonio Valero Santiago
Irina Bobolea
Rosa Cortés Aguilar

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018


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