Living with a Bunion

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The hallux valgus is a deformity that occasionally does not produce any significant symptoms, or these are sporadic. In general, conservative treatment is advised when the symptoms are not significant.

In general, healthy habits, a balanced diet that avoids obesity, exercise to maintain the elasticity of the tissues, and comfortable footwear, are the measures that contribute to prevent the appearance or progression of the bunion.


Adapting the footwear. Living with this condition requires adapting the footwear to the shape of the foot, since many of the painful symptoms of the bunion are due to the rubbing of the footwear. Furthermore, given that it is known that narrow footwear and with a heel of more than 5 cm increases the onset and progression of the bunion, these should be avoided.

Obesity can be cause and/or risk factor of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Obesity. Is a predisposing factor of its onset, for this reason loss of weight is recommended in order to prevent the progression and the symptoms associated with the hallux valgus.

Foot with a bunion

Reduce pain. The pain associated with the bunion can be alleviated or reduced, as required, with anti-inflammatory medication either local (in cream form) or as pills (anti-inflammatory drugs).

Orthosis or bunion corrector on the foot

Avoid the rubbing. When the main symptoms are induced by the rubbing, there are several materials that attempt to cushion the area with gel or silicone foams, in order to reduce the symptoms due to friction. There are orthopaedic devices on the market that try to reduce the deformity and prevent its progression.

Woman doing exercise

Exercise. Some studies have also associated the onset of the hallux valgus with the shortening or retraction of the calf muscles, the reason why it is advisable to perform muscle stretching and toning exercises that maintain the muscle and tendon elasticity of the musculature of the back of the leg.

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Cristina Casals Crosas
Daniel Poggio Cano
Jessica Martínez Castillejo
Jordi Fluvià Creus

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018

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