Living with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Although there are no strategies for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, a whole series of recommendations can be followed in order to prevent the reduction in the tunnel space and delay damage to the nerve:

Mano con ratón ordenador

Place the wrist in a neutral position. Avoid repetitive efforts with the hands in flexion or extension; avoid maintained forced postures; prolonged supports and repetitive impacts. For example, when typing on a computer use a cushion to maintain the wrist in a neutral position, or use special keyboards or wrist supports.


Relax the hand for short periods during the working day.

Woman, yoga

Sports. Yoga can help improve the flexion and extension positions of the wrist. Take into account in racket sports that the handle is sufficiently wide so that the hand grips it well, or that those individuals who practice bodybuilding grip the weights in a neutral wrist position.

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Use night-time splints to maintain the hand in a correct position.

Ejercicios de estiramientos mano y muñeca

Do muscle and tendon stretching exercises.

Mano agarra pelota para hacer ejercicios de fortalecimiento

Perform muscle strengthening exercises.

Mano presiona en la zona del túnel carpiano, tratamiento rehabilitador mano, masaje en la muñeca

Massages in the affected area to stretch and relax the muscles.


Substantiated information by:

Joaquim Forés Viñeta
Miriam Morató Dalmau
Núria Millán Villanueva
Raquel Vilarrasa Sauquet

Published: 17 July 2018
Updated: 17 July 2018


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