Care after Cataracts Surgery

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A person covering his right eye during a vision test

Do not rub your eyes during the first week after the intervention. You can touch your eyelids lightly with a paper towel, but do not rub them.

A person taking a shower

Moderate the level of everyday activities. The day after the operation, you can return to normal everyday activities, such as showering, washing your face, watching television, reading, walking, bending gently, lifting light weights or looking down, but all to a moderate degree.

Woman in make-up looking happily in the mirror

Applying make-up. Do not apply make-up to your eyes for the first 15 days after the operation.

Woman swimming

Avoid immersing your head in water. You should not go swimming in the sea, a swimming pool or immerse your head in water for 15 days.

Exercising person with a down arrow indicating fatigue

Avoid activities that involve jolting or trauma to the eyes, for example, running or gymnastics for 3 weeks or contact sports for 3 months.

Sleeping person with sad expression

Avoid sleeping on the same side as the eye that underwent surgery or facing downwards for the first 3 days.

Ten tips for the care of your eyes PDF - 827 KB
Ten tips for the care of your eyes PDF - 46 KB

Substantiated information by:

Francesc Xavier Corretger Ruhi
Mercè Perramón Rodríguez-Villamil
Vanesa Budi Batlle

Published: 26 April 2018
Updated: 26 April 2018

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