Research into Hypercholesterolaemia

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Research into the control of cholesterol levels and preventing cardiovascular risk is constantly under development and there are many different lines of research to reduce the cardiovascular complications and improve patient quality of life.

Some of the current lines of research are:

  • Nutritional research. A suitable diet can reduce cholesterol levels or mitigate its damaging effects on the arteries.
  • Real-life safety of drugs. Once medicines have been released onto the market, follow-up and monitoring of individuals under treatment is an essential part of epidemiological research to consolidate the safety of drugs. It should not be forgotten that treatments for high cholesterol must be taken for many years, so this represents an important issue.
  • New drugs. The search for safer, more specific, easier to dose drugs with new mechanisms of action that have a longer duration is also an area of constant development. Drugs that inhibit the production of certain proteins at a genetic level, potential vaccines with a sustained effect and drugs that reduce other harmful cholesterols – such as lipoprotein (a) – or increase the level of good (HDL) cholesterol are some of the new possibilities in different stages of research.

Substantiated information by:

Antonio J. Amor Fernandez
Daniel Zambón Rados
Emilio Ortega Martinez de Victoria
Gemma Yago Esteban
Violeta Moize Arcone

Published: 2 October 2018
Updated: 2 October 2018

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