Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

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The symptoms of hyperthyroidism can, at first, be confused with an exaggerated stress response. This is why the diagnosis is sometimes made later when the disease is more advanced.  

The main symptoms are: 

Persona con intolerancia a la luz

Increased heat sensitivity. 

Intense psychological stress


Woman sweating with fatigue

Increased sweating. 

Heart and electrocardiogram, heart palpitations


Temblor de manos

Trembling hands. 

Intense psychological stress


Woman with tummy ache next to the WC

Increased intestinal transit (without diarrhoea). 

Woman getting out of bed with unrefreshing sleep

Difficulty sleeping. 

Mano caliente

Warmer and thinner skin. 

Mujer que se le cae el pelo. Caída del cabello.

Fine, brittle hair. 

Persona con debilidad muscular brazos

Muscle weakness in the arms and thighs. 

Compresa con una gota de sangre y flechas. Alteración del ritmo menstrual

Altered menstrual rhythm. 

Closed stomach, lack of appetite and anorexia

Mild to moderate weight loss without loss of appetite.  

In the long term, untreated hyperthyroidism increases the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and loss of bone mass.  

Signs of Hyperthyroidism

Clinical signs are a large thyroid and increased heart rate, with hot, clammy, thin skin and trembling hands, as well as increased reflexes. If the cause is Graves' disease, it is important to examine the eyes and assess whether the patient has any eye discomfort (gritty sensation in the eyes, double vision, difficulty or pain when moving the eyes).   

It is also important to know if other family members suffer from thyroid problems or hyperthyroidism. 

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Published: 17 June 2021
Updated: 17 June 2021


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