Prognosis of Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies

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The disease progression depends on what type of IIM the patient has, and their response to immunosuppressive treatment. In the absence of effective treatment, inclusion body myositis (IBM) in its sporadic form progresses poorly, gradually restricting the patient. The other forms of IIM generally require chronic treatment for at least two years. In some cases, there is relapse (40% of cases), whereas in others, complete remission of the disease is achieved (40% of cases). The remaining 20% of sufferers, particularly in cases of dermatomyositis, often die due to the development of cancer or infectious complications.

Acute complications

These depend on and are related to the way the disease presents. Swallowing difficulties, severe generalised weakness, and rapidly progressing lung involvement require hospitalisation. 

Chronic complications

These depend on two aspects. Firstly, on the disease itself (muscular atrophy, retractions, pulmonary fibrosis, etc.), and secondly, on the side effects of immunosuppressive treatment (increased cardiovascular risk, osteoporosis, etc.).

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Josep M. Grau Junyent
Sergio Prieto González

Published: 25 November 2020
Updated: 25 November 2020

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