Recommendations on breastfeeding

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Maternal breastfeeding is the ideal form of providing the nutrients needed by small children for healthy growth and development. Practically all mothers can breastfeed, provided that they are well-informed and have the support of their family and the healthcare system.

It is necessary to be in a comfortable position, which enables the newborn be close to the body of the mother and with the head aligned with the breast (stomach to stomach).

The correct positioning of the breast helps to prevent cracks in the nipple and to achieve good stimulation and production of milk.

Breastfeeding should be on demand, which means offering the breast whenever the baby shows interest or signs of hunger, and leave it until the baby withdraws.

The signs that indicate a good latching are:

  • Mouth wide open and stuck to the breast
  • The nipple and the lower part of the areola are inside the mouth
  • The lower lip doubled outwards
  • The jaw and ear moves with the suction
  • It can be heard how it swallows

It is not advisable to give fluids or water between breastfeeds. What we want to achieve is that the baby helps to stimulate the flow of the milk and that it gets used to the breast. If it takes other liquids without much effort, it will not be hungry and it will be more difficult to take the breast.

Substantiated information by:

Anna Sandra Hernández Aguado
Isabel Benito Díaz
Maria Àngels Martínez Verdú

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018

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