Prostate Cancer

Treatment at Hospital Clínic

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Hospital Clínic has a multidisciplinary team that takes care of the diagnostic process and treatment of prostate cancer. This team is made up of urologists, radiotherapeutic oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, anatomic pathologists and specialized nursing staff. This team discusses and tackles complex cases in order to choose the best treatment to offer the patient.    

The Urology Service diagnoses prostate tumours using ultrasound scans and biopsies. We perform between 300-400 biopsies a year, some guided by magnetic resonance.

Once prostate cancer has been diagnosed, we have multiple treatments available depending on the staging. You can be sure that the medical team will offer you the best options for your case.

What is Cancer?

General information about Cancer

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Published: 6 May 2019
Updated: 6 May 2019


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