Patient preparation

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Prior to scheduling the cornea transplant surgery, the patient needs a thorough eye examination. Their ophthalmologist will take exact measurements of their eye and treat any unrelated eye problem that could affect the surgery.

They should tell their doctor if they have any medical conditions and if they take any medicine. This information should also be communicated in the pre-anesthesia consultation. They may need to stop taking medication that interferes with blood clotting.

Before the day of the surgery, the patient must be prepared for the procedure, and follow these instructions:

Water, food and watch crossed out indicating not to eat

Do not eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery

Person with make-up on in front of the mirror crossed out

Keep your face free of make-up, creams, lotions and jewellery

Man accompanying a woman

Come with someone who can drive you home after the procedure

Substantiated information by:

Gloria Ferrer
Jorge Peraza Nieves

Published: 27 November 2019
Updated: 27 November 2019


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