Pancreatic Transplant Research at the Clínic

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The Clínic Barcelona hospital is the pancreas transplantation reference centre for 5 autonomous communities in Spain and Andorra. Its clinical activity means it is also an international reference centre for pancreas transplant research, with over 40 articles published in national and international reference journals in the last 10 years.

Research in pancreas transplantation at the Clínic Barcelona hospital is mainly focused on clinical and translational research. The main lines of research are:

  • Impact of pancreas transplantation on cardiovascular disease.
  • Biomarkers of cardiovascular damage in patients with diabetes and kidney disease.
  • Predictors of pancreatic graft rejection.
  • Biomarkers.
  • Imaging techniques.
  • Immunology of pancreas transplant rejection.

Substantiated information by:

Antonio Amor
Beatriz Enriqueta Bayés Genís
Federico Cofan  Pujol
Fritz Diekmann
Joana Ferrer Fàbrega
Mireia Musquera Felip
Pedro Ventura Abreu Aguiarà
Ramon Rull

Published: 28 March 2023
Updated: 28 March 2023


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