Research at Clínic

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Various research studies in this field are carried out at Hospital Clínic.  

The main areas studied are:  

  • The use of compressive clothing after vaginoplasty. Self-made Compressive Dressing for Vaginoplasty Mauricio Raigosa, Stefano Avvedimento, Joan Fontdevila Aesth Plast Surg (2013) 37:844-845. 

  • Review of male-to-female gender affirmation surgeries.  Male-to-Female Genital Reassignment Surgery: A Retrospective Review of Surgical Technique and Complications in 60 Patients Mauricio Raigosa, MD, Stefano Avvedimento, MD, Tai Sik Yoon, MD, PhD, Juan Cruz-Gimeno, MD, Guillermo Rodriguez, MD, and Joan Fontdevila, MD, PhD 

J Sex Med 2015;12:1837–1845  

  • Refinement of the Clitoroplasty procedure. (Mauricio Raigosa, MD, Stefano Avvedimento, MD, Jordi Descarrega, MD, Marta Yuste, MD, Juan Cruz-Gimeno, MD PhD, and Joan Fontdevila, MD PhD.)  Refinement Procedures for Clitorolabiaplasty in Male-to-Female Gender-Affirmation Surgery: More than an Aesthetic Procedure  . J Sex Med. 2020  Dec;17(12):2508-2517) 

Substantiated information by:

Mauricio Raigosa García

Published: 14 December 2021
Updated: 14 December 2021


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