Magda Pinyol Coordinator

The functional genomics platform enables researchers to access different technologies and protocols related to the study of DNA (genomics) or RNA (transcriptomics).

The latest technological advances in the field of genomics have enabled the development of new projects in biomedicine. In this sense, the implementation of massive sequencing technology, or Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), has given researchers the possibility to conduct mutational studies of gene panels, transcriptomics (total RNA or mRNA), ChipSeq, microbiome sequencing, among others.

The services offered on the platform range from quantitative and qualitative analysis of nucleic acids to the execution of more complex projects including library synthesis and sequencing.

Recently, the platform has incorporated equipment to analyze single-cell transcriptomes, allowing us to examine the transcriptional heterogeneity of different cell populations from a sample, and equipment to perform spatial transcriptomics, enabling us to analyze the transcriptome in its locations within histological tissue.

These services are complemented by microarray technology for gene dosage analysis (CNV), or different genomic platforms useful for the validation of genomic results, whether through qPCR or digital quantification.