Would you like to develop your scientific career at IDIBAPS/FCRB?

A competitive international research career requires the existence of an excellent group of highly creative researchers and the capacity to attract and retain the best talent in each generation. The existence of attractive and efficient research demands well-defined positions, clear professional prospects, good financing and tools to support professional development, among others.

As dictated by European recommendations, 4 main research categories are established:

  • R1 Pre-doctoral Researcher
  • R2 Post-doctoral Researcher  
    • R2A Post-doctoral Researcher
    • R2B Junior Researcher
  • R3 Researcher
    • R3A Post-doctoral Researcher
    • R3B Junior Researcher
  • R4 Group Leader

Download the most detailed document on research careers at IDIBAPS below.

HR Excellence in Research Seal

Professional aspects, capturing talent, employment conditions and supervision of research staff are of the utmost importance to IDIBAPS. For this reason, in order to guarantee a more stimulating and favour working environment, in keeping with the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for recruiting researchers, work is in progress on a continuous improvement process called the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R).

The initial recognition granted by the European Commission on 25 April 2015 has made it necessary to establish and prepare an Internal analysis and an initial Action plan (2015-2018).

To maintain the HR Excellence in Research seal, it is necessary to continue to evaluate and update the latest versions of the plan, as set out below.

Consult the updated Plan (2017-2020), currently in force.

What will your stay at IDIBAPS/FCRB be like?

Continuous training

The personnel who work in the IDIBAPS research can participate in activities organised by the laboratories, and also gain access to different continuous training activities that the institution makes available to them. They can all attend an average of 60 different scientific seminars every year (IDIBAPS seminars, in-house seminars, core facility seminars, neurosciences seminars, Campus Clínic cancer seminars, liver seminars or IIBB-CSIC/IDIBAPS seminar).

In addition, predoctoral (R1) and postdoctoral (R2) researchers at IDIBAPS can also participate in the Stepping-Stone programme, which aims to provide them with tools and knowledge in aspects which, although not strictly scientific, are essential in enabling them to develop their careers.

Finally, all the professionals who work at the institution have access to subsidised employment training every year, which enables them to gain knowledge and skills, and improve those they already have.

Surrounded by talent

The research community is made up of over 1,500 professionals dedicated to research, and divided up into 108 groups. With more than 1,100 original articles published every year, more than 600 competitive projects underway and the creation of 11 spin-offs, it is one of the benchmark biomedical research centres in Spain.

In a unique setting

Barcelona is a unique research and knowledge hub located in Southern Europe. It boasts a cutting-edge biomedical research ecosystem, a consolidated economic environment, an open and welcoming culture and an excellent quality of life.

IDIBAPS initiatives

One of the priorities of IDIBAPS-FCRB is the promotion of the clinical-scientific research profile, professionals who combine research with welfare activity. This objective is specificially promoted through the implementation of our programmes, which include the following:

  • PhD4MD for R1 researchers: through the CRG (Centre for Genomic Regulation), the IRB Barcelona (Biomedical Research Institute) and the VHIR (Vall d'Hebron Research Institute), IDIBAPS set up this programme for the first time in 2015. It gives doctors the opportunity to implement translational research projects coordinated jointly by a basic research investigators and a clinic linked to any of the institutions responsible for the programme.
  • BITRECS for R2 researchers: a scholarship programme set up by IDIBAPS in 2017, which receives funds from the European Commission and from "la Caixa" Foundation for the recruitment of excellent, motivated postdoctoral trainees. They are expected to implement a research proposal for 36 months while they participate in one of the two available mobility schemes: 1) Outgoing: 12-18 months at a foreign research centre and18-24 months at IDIBAPS; 2) Incoming: 36 months at IDIBAPS.
  • 50/50 Programme for R3 researchers who wish to become Junior Group Leaders: a programme coordinated by IDIBAPS and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona set up in 2012 by young medical specialists (MDs) with a solid research career (PhD), at least part of which is spent at the most prestigious foreign research centres.