Teaching and training - Institute of Cancer and Blood Diseases

The Institute is a leader in the education of both undergraduate and vocational training students, as well as providing continuing education for members of its professional teams, for residents and visitors/guests.

Every year, the Institute welcomes and trains medical degree students and resident doctors in the MIR specialties:

  • Hematology and Hemotherapy (3)

  • Medical Oncology (2)

  • Radiotherapy Oncology (1)

  • FIR (1) of Hospital Radiophysics

  • Nurses (28), undergraduates and those studying for master’s degrees in oncology, as well as technical staff

The activity of the teaching service is divided into these main groups:

  • Training sessions

  • Subjects in Medical and Radiotherapy Oncology and Blood Diseases in the Medical School of the University of Barcelona (UB), degrees in nursing and masters and postgraduate degrees (UB).

  • Resident training (MIR and FIR programs)

  • Undergraduate or Vocational Training

  • Training of residents and visitors/guests from other centers

  • Courses and training sessions to strengthen the relationship with the different centers the hospital collaborates with (for example, services and hospitals of the C-17 network).

  • Coordination of symposia and training courses for nurses on an annual basis.