Institute of Cancer and Blood Diseases

The Institute of Cancer and Blood Diseases is the service area of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona dedicated to haematological and oncological diseases.

The Institute of Cancer and Blood Diseases is a national and international reference point for the care of people with malignant blood diseases and solid tumors at different stages of their process. A comprehensive ongoing review is carried out of the patient in the diagnosis and treatment phases, as well as in apheresis (procedure for obtaining stem cells and hematopoietic progenitors) and in the administration of cell therapies. This comprehensive ongoing review is also carried out for patients with alterations in blood clotting (hemostasis).

ICAMS works to provide safe, quality patient care, based on scientific evidence, while taking into account the complexity of each case and making the most of innovation. At the same time, the ICAMS is working on the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer in the Barcelona Esquerra area and the C-17 area. It is also, for all of Catalonia, a reference point for both various malignant diseases, and highly complex therapeutic procedures.

All healthcare practice is spelled out in clinical guidelines that have been agreed upon with the rest of the hospital services involved in the clinical committees responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of hematological and oncological diseases.

The ICAMS provides patients with the most effective known treatments, conventional or experimental, in the framework of clinical trials, and also guarantees a multidisciplinary approach to treating all aspects of the disease.

The Institute also trains students and healthcare professionals both inside and outside the hospital and disseminates clinical and scientific knowledge, as well as fundamental values, such as respecting the patient.

At the same time, the ICAMS is leading the way in cancer research with the ongoing evaluation of patients, with its participation in translational clinical trials with new targeted treatments or in basic research applied to daily care.

Appointment of Dr.Aleix Prat, Director

What are we dealing with?

These are the main health issues addressed at the ICAMS.

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The ICAMS is structured in four highly specialized services and is prepared to offer the best possible care to patients.
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In addition to healthcare attention, the ICAMS improves its knowledge of the diseases it treats with various lines of research.
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Teaching and Training

Teaching and continuing education are pillars of the ICAMS.
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Team of professionals

The ICAMS is made up of a multidisciplinary team that works in collaboration with other healthcare departments, both inside and outside the ICAMS, which benefits both patients and the healthcare system.

Aleix Prat Management Oncologist
Ariadna Domenech Bachiller Head Nurse Nurse
Joan Sánchez Economic-financial head

Assistive Devices

The ICAMS' healthcare activity is carried out on the following devices:

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Cancer in the first person

Appointment of Ana, Patient
Everything is bearable. The chemo is really hard, but I thought it would be worse.