The Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CBD) leads diverse training and teaching operations focused on the following aspects:


Degree and master's degree

The CBD coordinates 11 subjects in the four degrees of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona (Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Nursing), and participates extensively in another five. Also, several specialists and nursing professionals collaborate in the practical teaching of these degrees.

On the other hand, the CBD welcomes 15-20 students a year to do their final degree or master's thesis. They come from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the UB or other universities with which the CBD has established agreements.

Training of FP2 technicians

Every year the CBD welcomes 50 students in the final FP2 degree of the General Laboratory and Pathological Anatomy specialities to participate in business work-study programs. They are organized into the different Services and receive training from the staff technicians.

Training of specialists

The CBD groups four health specialties: Pathological Anatomy, Immunology, Clinical Biochemistry and Microbiology, and Parasitology. The first is aimed at medical graduates (MIR). The other three admit graduates in Medicine (MIR), Pharmacy (FIR) or Biology-related degrees (BIR). There are currently two annual courses in Pathological Anatomy and one in each of the other specialties.

Stays of doctors and external residents

The CBD welcomes around 10 residents from Spanish hospitals for specific training each year for periods of 1-2 months. It also receives 10-12 residents from other countries, mostly from South America, who stay for 3-6 months, and visiting doctors interested in specific subjects for short periods.

Continuing education

The CBD conducts clinical and continuing education sessions for specialists at least once a week. There are also cross-curricular sessions, 1-2 per quarter. Laboratory technical professionals have bimonthly seminars on monographic topics, a day for the presentation of papers at conferences, and an online course on basic training.

Every year, a Teaching and Research Conference is organized, open to all CBD professionals and external guests, in which the services and units present teaching, organizational or research subjects.

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