Teaching and Training - The Imaging Diagnostic Center

The Diagnostic Imaging Center is a highly specialized training center that welcomes highly qualified residents studying to become the next generation of radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and senior technicians.

The main teaching objective is to guarantee the training of students and internal and external residents of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona, and to promote the continuing training of professionals.

Degrees and Postgraduate studies

CDI professionals teach classes and seminars in the UB Medicine degree, as well as in master's and postgraduate courses. The CDI has a full professor, 15 medical associate professors, 16 clinical professors, and three teaching collaborators (2018-19).

Residents are also trained at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (20 each year).

Continuing education

About 250 requests are received each year to participate in training stays or rotations in the various sections and services of the CDI.

Accredited courses and sessions are held each year for doctors and nursing staff.

Finally, the CDI hosts the practical training of the Escola Eixample Clínic (25 technicians per year).

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