The 1st Estella Matutes Extraordinary Grant for Research on Lymphoid Tumors called by Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica/IDIBAPS is aimed at hiring a physician specialist in hematology and hemotherapy or histopathology, or a postdoctoral researcher in biomedicine to develop a project in the field of lymphoid tumors.

The grant bears the name of Doctor Estella Matutes in acknowledgement of her scientific contribution and contribution as a sponsor in research on lymphoid diseases.

Dr. Estella Matutes is a hematologist of tremendous international prestige who has dedicated her entire scientific career to researching lymphoproliferative syndromes, especially chronic lymphatic leukemia, hairy cell leukemia, and other lymphomas with expression in the peripheral blood, from both a biologic and clinical perspective. After several decades in London, in recent years, she has been fully active as an emeritus researcher at Hospital Clínic, Barcelona/IDIBAPS.

One of the greatest concerns of Dr. Matutes has been the training of young research personnel, always from both a clinical and a biologic perspective. Recently, Dr. Matutes made a selfless donation to Fundació per a la Recerca Biomèdica/IDIBAPS, with the commitment that part of this donation would be allocated to training research personnel. This call for applications is in response to that goal.

Terms and conditions of the Estella Matutes Grant 2022

A research contract will be awarded to a doctor in biomedicine or a physician specialist in hematology and hemotherapy or in Histopathology.

Awarding of the grant for the contract will be linked to the development of an integrated translational project focusing on research on an aspect of lymphoproliferative syndromes. The person selected will join one of the IDIBAPS groups in the area of lymphoid research (see Appendix I).

The duration of the research contract will be 2 years.

Applicants can be of any nationality with experience in clinical or translational research, who show special interest in research on oncology or on hematologic diseases.

At the time of submitting the application, the applicant must have completed their doctoral thesis in an area of biomedicine or be a specialist in hematology and hemotherapy or in histopathology.

The applicant may not hold another full-time or part-time stable paid professional post during the period of the contract, as the contract will require exclusive dedication to the project.

The contract will have a duration of two years. The selected applicant will carry out the contract at the center calling for applications (Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica/IDIBAPS) and will finish the contract on the dates indicated in the decision.

The two-year research contract will be endowed with the amount of €120.000, which will be destined exclusively to paying the salary and company contribution to social security of the applicant for the two years of the contract’s duration, together with the indirect costs, which may not exceed 10% of the total funding.

The contractual relationship of the successful applicant shall be researcher employee of Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica/IDIBAPS.

The application shall include the following documentation:

  1. Application form duly completed and signed by the applicant and including:
    • Personal details
    • Name and surname(s)
    • National identity document/Passport (Attach copy of document)
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Date on which doctorate was obtained (attach copy of certificate or proof of having applied for doctorate certificate) or date and accreditation of specialization in Hematology and Hematology and Hemotherapy or Anatomical Pathology.
    • Contact details
    • Postal address
    • Telephone
    • E-mail address
  2. Reason for submitting the application (maximum 1,000 characters, including spaces), indicating the IDIBAPS group in the area of lymphoid research that you would like to join based on profile and interests (see Appendix IDIBAPS Groups).
  3. CV, indicating the merits and contributions of the applicant that are relevant to this call for applications (Maximum 4 pages).
  4. Two reference letters from a researcher or expert in the respective field and who has direct knowledge of the contributions of the applicant. This letter must be sent directly by the signatory to the e-mail address before the deadline for submitting applications.
  5. Candidate report in the suggested format.

The selection process and assignation of the research contract shall be carried out by an evaluating committee made up of 4-6 experts of recognized prestige in the area of clinical or translational research.

The committee members will be nominated by IDIBAPS/FCRB and the chair will be hold by Dr Estella Matutes who shall have a quality vote.

The evaluating committee shall evaluate the applications taking the following principally into account:

  • Applicant’s CV (40%)
  • Candidate report (40%)
  • Candidacy presentation (20%)

The committee shall act with complete independence, following best criteria applicable to research in the area of hematologic oncology.

The decision on the call for applications shall be published no later than 31 December 2022.

The call for applications may be declared null and the decision of the evaluating committee may not be appealed.

Once the decision on the call for applications has been made, the name of the beneficiary of the research contract and the composition of the evaluating committee shall be published on the IDIBAPS websites.

No correspondence or additional communication shall be held with the applicants who have not been selected. In no instance, information on the received applications and deliberation of the committee shall be released.

The beneficiary of the research contract shall sign the acceptance commitment before 15 January 2023. The start of the exercise of the contract shall take place no later than six months from the signing of the acceptance commitment (negotiable according to the candidate's availability).

Applicants shall comply with the provisions of the legislation in force on the protection of personal data.

Applying to this call for applications implies acceptance of its terms and conditions and decision, which may not be appealed, and the waiving of any and all claims.

In exceptional circumstances and for duly justified reasons, IDIBAPS reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions with the sole purpose of clarifying their content, not implying any substantial nor arbitrary alteration of said terms and conditions. The text of the terms and conditions shall be available on the IDIBAPS website:


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