Ferran Nadeu is awarded a Junior Research grant by the European Haematology Association

The grants from the European Haematology Association (EHA) are aimed at promoting the early careers of researchers and encouraging their involvement in basic or translational research in the field of haematology.

Ferran Nadeu, a researcher from the Molecular pathology in lymphoid neoplasias group, has been awarded a Junior Research 2021 grant for the value of €150,000 sponsored by the EHA.

The research conducted by Ferran Nadeu focuses mainly on understanding the mechanisms that promote the appearance and progression of chronic lymphatic leukaemia, the most common leukaemia in adults, through the use of new methodologies and bioinformatics tools.

“Recent studies have revealed the complex genomic and epigenomic alterations that occur in chronic lymphatic leukaemia. Even so, the information that we currently have is insufficient to explain the real influence of these alterations in the progression of the disease. Better understanding the forces that determine the evolution of these tumours will better permit the diagnosis of patients and the ability to design new therapeutic strategies. In this project, we aim to decode the complex evolutionary pathways of chronic lymphatic leukaemia through an integratory molecular analysis combining complete genome and single cell sequencing techniques”, explains Nadeu.