I have an operation scheduled

Everything you need to know if you will soon be undergoing an operation at the Hospital Clínic

If a surgical operation is scheduled, you will be informed of the following:

  • Whether the operation requires hospitalization and, if so, the expected duration.
  • Previous tests necessary to be able to perform the operation (pre-anesthesia visit, analysis, x-ray and/or electrocardiogram).
  • Location: Surgeries are currently performed at the three Hospital Clínic headquarters (HQ Villarroel, HQ Maternitat and HQ Plató)
  • Prior preparation: If any kind of preparation is needed before surgery, or if it necessary for the patient to fast (go without food and/or liquid intake), the he/she will be informed.
  • What to wear on the day of surgery

On the day of the surgery, you must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any questions, you must contact the service responsible for the operation before the scheduled date.