Characterization of cellular aging biomarkers in HIV patients and molecular studies of HIV regulatory proteins implicated in the cellular aging process


Despite treatment and undetectable viral load, HIV-infected individuals are more vulnerable to age-related diseases, showing signs of accelerated aging. Research in cellular-aging has identified key biomarkers that define cell senescence. The pathogenic role of HIV-1 is not fully understood, and could be key in HIV-associated-senescence. Hypothesis: HIV-infection promotes cellular-aging in immune populations of HIV-infected individuals and this effect may not be totally reversed by antiretroviral treatment. Objectives: 1) this study aims at investigating cell senescence and chronic-inflammation biomarkers in HIV-infected patients. We will address whether a year of HIV-treatment can revert any change in the above mentioned markers. 2) To address the impact of HIV-proteins in the expression of relevant senescence biomarkers.