VAscuLar events In pAtieNts undergoing same-day nonCardiac surgEry VALIANCE Study


Prospective, multicenter cohort study. The clinical objectives for the main study are to assess postoperative outcomes 90 days after same-day (ambulatory) surgery: Cardiovascular events: 1) the incidence of a composite of major cardiovascular complications (primary objective); 2) the incidence of individual components of the cardiovascular composite; 3) perform the external validation of the RCRI, DASI score, and frailty for the prediction of cardiovascular complications after same-day surgery; 4) to develop a new risk score to predict major cardiovascular events following same-day surgery; and 5) to compare predictive performance of the new risk score with the RCRI score in same-day surgery patients. Unplanned healthcare utilization: 1) the incidence of unplanned admission on the day of surgery, emergency room visits and rehospitalization; and 2) to develop a new risk score for health care utilization. The incidence of infectious, bleeding, thromboembolic events renal events, chronic postoperative pain defined by the score on the Brief Pain Inventory and quality of life: to determine the change in the score on the EQ-5D-5L questionnaire on 4 health profiles. Inclusion criteria: 1) 45-64 years of age with at least one risk ; 2) undergoing planned noncardiac same-day surgery; 3)planned duration > 60 minutes in the operating room; 4) provided written informed consent. Exclusion criteria: 1) the intervention does not require the presence of an anesthesiologist; 2) the surgery is an ophthalmologic procedure; 3) patient considered unreliable or unable to perform study procedure; or 4) already enrolled in the VALIANCE study.