Teaching and Training - Autoimmune Diseases Service

The healthcare professionals of the Autoimmune Diseases Service provide training to students, doctors and healthcare staff, as well as to patients, relatives and the general population itself, with the fulfilment of Bachelor of Medicine subjects, Masters and postgraduate courses, medical training activities, and continued training and outreach sessions.


The healthcare professionals of the Service teach part of the syllabus of the subject Orthopedics and Rheumatology of the 5th year of the Degree in Medicine at the University of Barcelona. The average number of students each year is 180, distributed in two groups for theory, and in each of these, 6 groups of clinical practices.

Postgraduate degrees

The Master's degree in Autoimmune Diseases from the University of Barcelona is awarded and various master's degrees and postgraduate courses are taught.

Continuing education

The Service has a programme of continuous training actions aimed at professionals, both onsite and online.

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