Teaching and Training - Cardiology Service

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

The professionals in the Cardiology Service provide undergraduate and postgraduate training to Medical, Nursing and Biomedical Engineering students at the University of Barcelona. The students also carry out practical sessions within the framework of the Service's activities.

Master’s degree courses

The professionals in the Cardiology Service also participate in the teaching of several subjects in the following Master’s degree courses:

  • University of Barcelona Master’s Degree in Advanced Medical Skills (haemodynamics and endoluminal therapies, arrhythmias, cardiac imaging, inherited heart disease and syndromes associated with sudden cardiac arrest and acute cardiac care)
  • University Master’s Degree in Cardiovascular Postoperative Care at the University of Barcelona

Nursing professionals also organize a Master’s Degree in Cardiovascular Nursing and benchmark continuous training courses. A subspecialist training programme in heart failure, cardiovascular risk and atrial fibrillation started recently.

Medical Resident Intern (MIR) Training

The Service also trains medical resident interns (MIR) in the speciality of

Afterwards, many of them take one of the subspecialist programmes for a variable period of between 1 and 3 years in interventional cardiology, arrhythmias, cardiac imaging and acute cardiac care. Moreover, the professionals in the Service carry out continuous training sessions seven days a week.

Finally, training and refresher courses in cardiovascular medicine are organized in collaboration with primary care professionals.

Continuous training

With regard to continuous training, the following activities are particularly noteworthy:

  • Clínico-Clínic Course, in collaboration with the Hospital Clínico San Carlos de Madrid (biennial)
  • Shared Care Day in Cardiology (biennial), in collaboration with the Hospital Clínic AISBE Cardiology Group