The aim of the teaching activity of the Immunology Service is to provide and train, using the best and most up-to-date information possible, the healthcare professionals whose interests lie in their various fields and competencies.


Some of the Service's professionals participate as teachers in the Degree in Medicine at the University of Barcelona. They teach Immunology in the second year and Rheumatology in the fifth.

MIR training

biologists (BIR), and resident internal pharmacists (FIR) in the specialty of Immunology and other specialties taught at the Clinic. Since 1984, a resident has been incorporated every year, supervised by an accredited tutor (Service Specialist), who guarantees that residents achieve optimal training in a scientifically stimulating environment.

All members of the Immunology Service are actively involved in the training of MIR, BIR and FIR. In addition, ithe Service provides training to residents in their specialties from other hospitals on a Service Commission (External Rotation) to complete their training in Immunology.


The Service also welcomes students from the Master's in Advanced Immunology and the Master's in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases.

The specialists of the Service also participate as teachers in various master's degrees such as Advanced Immunology, Systemic Autoimmune Diseases, Autoinflammatory Diseases and Advanced Clinical Immunology, and Advanced Medical Skills: Diagnostic Procedures in Respiratory Medicine.

Continuing education

Courses are regularly organized for professionals in their specialties, both nationally and internationally, through the Aula Clínic.

Training of FP2 technicians

Each year the Service hosts between 9 and 12 technicians from different schools for the training of higher FP2 degrees in Clinical Analysis. The students are distributed by the different groups of the Service and receive the training of the technicians in staff.