Teaching and Training - Internal Medicine Service

The Internal Medicine Service leads several teaching and training actions:

Almost all the members of the Service's staff are professors at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UB (either as full professors or associate professors) and, as such, participate in the teaching of core subjects:

  • General Semiology and Medical Ethics in the Degree in Medicine
  • Pathophysiology in the Degree in Nursing
  • Pathophysiology in the Degree in Biomedical Sciences

In addition, the staff participates in the following electives:

  • Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology
  • Introduction to the diagnosis and treatment of the critically ill patient

MIR training

The Service has accredited five MIR residents in the following specialty:

The Service currently hosts 23 MIR residents in training. In addition, they receive a varying number of MIR residents on commission from other hospitals in the rest of the country who come to complete their training in one of the Service units

Masters degree

  • Master's degree in the bases, procedures and techniques applied to the treatment of critical patients and emergencies
  • Master's degree in comprehensive care for the critically ill and emergencies
  • Master's degree in innovation, nutrition and healthy aging

Continuing education

The service participates in multiple courses, conferences and continuing education activities aimed at both MIR, specialists and nursing staff.