Teaching and Training - Rheumatology Service

The main objective of the teaching activity of the Rheumatology service is to promote up-to-date clinical knowledge of rheumatic diseases during the various stages of training; from wide-ranging instruction during the university stage, to specific training during the residency, with two new specialists per year, and in the post-MIR phase. The teaching activity of the Service is accredited by the Spanish Society of Rheumatology.

Occasionally, the Service hosts specialist doctors from other national and international centers and universities who make short stays related to various areas of their specialties.

The Service welcomes and trains MIR residents in the following specialties:


Several professionals teach the module on inflammatory arthropathies, integrated into the Master's in Advanced Medical Skills for Autoimmune Diseases at the University of Barcelona.

Continuing education

The Service also leads training sessions for health professionals:

  • Inflammatory arthropathy course for primary care
  • Bone metabolism course for primary care (second semester of the year)
  • Conference on pharmacoepidemiology in inflammatory arthropathies (first half of the year)

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