The Clínic's Institute of Medical and Surgical Specialties

The Medical and Surgical Specialties of the Clínic Institute (ICEMEQ) cover 25% of the surgical operations of the Hospital Clínic, 12% of its admissions and 11% of its outpatient visits.

The Clínic's Institute of Medical and Surgical Specialties aim to be a center of excellence by providing quality, decisive and efficient patient-centered care. It contributes to the development of knowledge, thanks to research and innovation, as well as to the training, qualification and improvement of current and future professionals through teaching.

The Institute employs professionals from six specialties grouped into five services: Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery, Otolaryngology, Rehabilitation and Rheumatology, all of which share material and mechanisms that facilitate proper functioning.

Also noteworthy is the activity in the field of sports medicine, in collaboration with the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona and the Futbol Club Barcelona.

Appointment of Dr.Josep Maria Segur, Director
"We provide quality of life based on scientific evidence, with a desire to teach and learn"

What are we dealing with?

These are the main health issues addressed at the ICEMEQ:

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The multidisciplinarity of the ICEMEQ makes it an institute that treats a large number of patients.
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Research is one of the pillars of the ICEMEQ, allowing us to offer the best care to patients.
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Teaching and Training

ICEMEQ professionals share their experience in undergraduate and continuing education.
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Team of professionals

The Institute of Medical and Surgical Specialists is made up of a team of 250 professionals from different disciplines. The team consists of medical and nursing staff (which includes professionals in podiatry, physiotherapy, social work, occupational therapies and health assistants) and administration personnel.

Josep Maria Segur Management
Ana Alicarte Head Nurse
Roser Monforte Economic-financial head

Assistive Devices

The care activity of the ICEMEQ is developed on the following devices:

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Osteoarthritis in the first person

Appointment of Josefa, Patient
"So pay close attention to what they tell you, because I didn't do so at first, and it really does help you, and they do it to help you. Everything that seems silly, exercises, baths, etc., really helps.

Deafness in the first person

Appointment of Miguel Ángel, Patient
"I would say that being deaf is a real bitch, you have a miserable time, because you isolate yourself, it changes your character, you can't think straight. But I would also tell you that with the advances that are taking place today and the great professionals there to help you, you can get over it. Working together, you and they will find the solution to your problem."