Self-harm alarm signals

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There are warning signs that may indicate someone is self-harming:

Arm with scars and a cut

They always have fresh injuries they can’t explain.

Person in turtleneck jumper in warmth

They wear clothes that are not suitable for the season or the weather, such as sweaters in summer.

Closed door and clock

They spend a lot of time alone in the bathroom or their bedroom.

Razor blade with blood and a waste bin

You find razor blades or traces of blood in the rubbish.

Scissors, band aid and gauze

You find material used to treat injuries, such as gauze or sticking plasters. 

Mobile with different social networks

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What to do in cases of self-harming

People who self-harm must be assessed by a healthcare professional. This is especially important if the person presents any of these danger signs:

Knife and hand wound

They use dangerous or violent methods.

Arm with scars and a cut

They self-harm regularly.

Closed door and clock

They are isolated and have few friends.

Two different sides of the face representing behavioural disturbances or mood swings

They have a mental illness.

The healthcare professional will treat the physical injuries from self-harming and will assess whether a mental health professional should be consulted.

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Iria Méndez

Published: 30 October 2019
Updated: 30 October 2019


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