Myths about self-harming

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Sad person in whom the heart stands out

Myth. People who self-harm want to kill themselves.

Reality. Self-harming does not mean the person wants to die. Many people self-harm to reduce their unpleasant feelings. But people who self-harm are more likely to attempt suicide, so it is advisable to get them to see a medical professional.


Teenager girl and boy

Myth. Only girls self-harm.

Reality. Although self-harming is frequent among girls, this behaviour is not gender-specific and affects everybody.


Negative sign

Myth. It’s best to ignore self-harming because the person is just seeking attention.

Reality. People who self-harm do not do it for attention, but are trying to cope with stress or negative emotions.

Reduced self-esteem

Myth. People who self-harm are mad or sick.

Reality. People who self-harm have problems managing their emotions. Although not everyone who self-harms has a psychiatric disorder, it’s important for them to be assessed by a professional to rule this out. 


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Iria Méndez

Published: 30 October 2019
Updated: 30 October 2019


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