Fresh water, salt water and contaminated water

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Swimming in fresh water. Some parasites such as Schistosoma and Naegleria live in fresh water in certain parts of the planet. Swimming in rivers or lakes in tropical zones is not recommended. Thermal areas or untreated pools should also be avoided, due to the potential risk of contagion by these germs. 

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Swimming in salt water. In the sea, you must be careful of jellyfish stings and use footwear that protects from bites and stings from fish, dermatitis from coral, and against toxic crustaceans, shellfish and sea anemones.  

rio, agua dulce, bosque

Contaminated water. Some diseases, such as leptospirosis, are transmitted by contact with water contaminated by animal urine or excrement. It is not only fresh water that presents a risk. There are also bacteria that can survive in salt water, such as bacteria of the genus vibrio, which includes cholera and others of the same family. 


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