Clothing, footwear and accessories during your trip

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Clothing and footwear should be selected based on the chosen destination and the season.  

Long-sleeved clothes and closed shoes or travel clothes

Clothing. If travelling to a warm destination, light, cool clothing made from natural fibres (such as linen or cotton) is recommended. Synthetic fibres and dark colours absorb more heat and attract more mosquitoes. If you are travelling to a cold place, you should choose a multi-purpose, waterproof coat and comfortable, warm and water-resistant shoes or boots. Protect your hands and feet and use thermal underclothes.  

Mountaineering boots

Footwear. Walking barefoot is a risk, not only due to potential injuries, but also because certain parasites enter the skin when it comes into contact with contaminated soil. Closed footwear is the best protection against this kind of infection, and it is important to choose the lightest option.  


Accessories. If you wear glasses, taking a spare pair is recommended.  

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