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Sunburn is one of the consequences of exposure to the sun. Sunburn is an acute skin lesion caused by solar radiation.  

First-degree burns. These are the most common. They are the least serious kind of burn and are characterised by reddening of the skin, warmth and pain in the affected area.

In these cases, you are advised to: 

Tube and hand with moisturiser

Stay well hydrated and apply moisturising lotion. 

Burns may be more serious in people who are particularly susceptible, after excessive sun exposure, or after exposure without any protection:  

Second-degree burns. These are characterised by the appearance of blisters.

In such cases, you are advised to: 

Hand with irritated skin under a tap with cold water

Rinse the skin with cold running water for a few minutes, apply cream and dressings specifically designed for burns.   

Crossed-out ice bag

Avoid applying ice or rupturing the blisters, as this can cause infection and delay healing. If the blisters burst, you can apply an antiseptic. In case of doubt, or if the burn is very extensive, you are advised to go to a healthcare centre.

Third-degree burns. These are the most severe burns, and they are characterised by the death of the skin tissue, which turns black or grey. There is no pain. 

In these cases, you are advised to: 

Hand with irritated skin under a tap with cold water

Rinse under cold running water for a few minutes, cover the burn with a non-adhesive dressing, and go to a healthcare centre.   

Crossed-out ice bag

Do not apply ice or remove any of the damaged tissue.    


These cases require urgent medical attention.

Los protectores solares no duran eternamente. El factor de protección solar solamente es 100% eficaz hasta 2-3 horas después de ser puesto. A medida que pasa el tiempo el nivel de protección disminuye y expone el cuerpo a los rayos solares, por lo que es recomendable aplicar de nuevo el producto.  

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