The essential first aid kit for your trip

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A basic travel first aid kit should include the following items:  


Sun protection (SPF 50 is recommended).

Tube and jar of cream for topical treatment

Lip protection.  


Insect repellent suitable for tropical zones (>20% DEET is recommended).  

Thermometer with a danger signal indicating fever




Scissors, band aid and gauze

Dressing materials for wounds (gauze, plasters, tape, scissors, tweezers and disinfectants such as povidone-iodine aqueous solution). 

Medicines, pills

Paracetamol for pain or fever.

You are also advised to take:  

A glass with water into which a medicine in an sachet is poured.

In case of diarrhoea:  

  • Oral rehydration salts.  

  • Anti-diarrhoea tablets (racecadotril or loperamide). 

Tube and jar of cream for topical treatment

Topical cream for bites. 

Round pills

Oral antihistamine in case of allergies. 


Antimalarial treatment and antibiotics in some cases (as recommended by a medical professional).  


Personal medication should be taken in your hand luggage, accompanied by relevant documentation, to keep it safe in the event that your luggage is lost. You should also take a medical report explaining your condition and its treatment, as well as prescriptions for “complex” medication. Likewise, the package insert of the drug should be taken, so you know how to take it and in which circumstances.  

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