Prognosis of Cervical Cancer

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The prognosis for women with cervical cancer varies depending on the stage (extension) of the cancer.

Patients diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer who complete standard treatment have an excellent prognosis with an overall survival rate of 90–95%. This is why women are strongly recommended to follow patients with gynecological exams periodically. Women treated for premalignant lesions also benefit from the administration of vaccination against human papillomavirus.

The prognosis for cervical cancer is not so good in more advanced stages of the disease; the 5‑year survival rate is 15% when there is distant disease (metastasis). Despite this, it is important to remember that statistics are only population estimates and each individual case often follows its own course.

Substantiated information by:

Aureli Torné Bladé
Lydia Gaba
María Jesús Sánchez
Àngels Rovirosa

Published: 21 February 2020
Updated: 21 February 2020

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