Symptoms of Chagas

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A person is considered to have T. cruzi infection when they have acquired the parasite through one of the forms of transmission.  

However, in 7 out of 10 cases the parasite does not cause any harm, which means that being a carrier or being infected does not always equate to developing the disease. 

Amongst those who do develop Chagas disease, the most frequent problems are: 

High heart rate o blood pressure

Heart problems. This occurs in approximately 3 in every 10 people.


Digestive tract problems. This occurs in 1 or 2 in every 10 people.

If the heart or the digestive tract is affected, the most common symptoms are: 

Person with headache and dizziness


A person who has just fainted or lost consciousness.


Heart and electrocardiogram, heart palpitations


Fatigued woman sweating


Dysphagia, difficulty to swallow

Difficulty swallowing. 

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