Causes of Inguinal and Crural Hernias

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It is not known why some people develop a hernia. Hernias often occur in weak areas, such as the groin region and scars from previous surgeries. At the same time, any factor that increases intra-abdominal pressure can trigger the development of a hernia.

The most common related factors are a family history of hernias, obesity, respiratory disease (COPD, chronic cough) and prolonged exertion.

The appearance of a crural hernia is related to situations that cause a sustained increase in intra-abdominal pressure over time, as is the case with multiple pregnancies, for example.

In the case of inguinal hernia, several factors influence its appearance: smoking, a family history of hernias, collagen diseases, persistent peritoneo-vaginal duct, abdominal aortic aneurysm, ascites, chronic renal insufficiency, heavy physical work, COPD, etc.

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