Symptoms of Inguinal or Crural Hernia

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The main symptom is the spontaneous appearance of a lump. It tends to be a protrusion that appears in the inguinal or crural region. It can vary in size, and may or may not be painful. In general, because of their anatomy, crural hernias tend to be smaller in size. This means they may not be visible, making them more difficult to diagnose.

Sometimes, pain radiates to the inside of the leg and, less frequently, there is abdominal pain that coincides with episodes of hernia incarceration. Hernia incarceration refers to the contents of the intestine moving through the inguinal orifice and not spontaneously returning to the peritoneal cavity.

Cases of hernia incarceration are a clinical emergency. It is therefore necessary for this situation to be quickly corrected, either through conservative management by manual reduction (Taxis manoeuvres), or by surgical correction to prevent serious intestinal complications.

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