Prognosis of Parkinson's disease

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A non-complicated Parkinson’s disease with a good prognosis, does not shorten life expectancy. The main factors that determine a poor short-term prognosis, including an increase in mortality in the advanced disease phase, are severe dysphagia, dementia, or frequent falls with fractures.

Acute complications

The most common acute complications of the treatment (whether due to an increase or a reduction) are:

Elderly person in bed with fever

Hyperpyrexia Syndrome- Parkinsonism syndrome triggered by a reduction in the medication dose. It can occur more during heatwaves, and includes a significant worsening of motor symptoms, with a high fever, and muscle rigidity. It is treated with dopamine and muscle relaxants.

Person with cane and akinesia or lack, loss or cessation of movement

Missing, loss or cessation of movement (akinesia) acute. It is caused by infections or by heat and is recoverable with a boost of the treatment.

Person with cane and attacks of involuntary movement disorders or dyskinesias due to increased dose or effect of surgery

Involuntary movement disorder (dyskinesia) attacks due to a dose increase or due to the effect of deep brain stimulation.

Anxious person with a bead of sweat on the face and other symbols of withdrawal symptoms

Dopaminergic agonist withdrawal syndrome (DAWS) when this type of drug is reduced or withdrawn, it can appear very similar to that of a withdrawal syndrome of substance abuse.

All these symptoms are usually rare and can be treated medically.

How does Parkinson's disease progress?

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Published: 8 July 2019
Updated: 14 November 2019

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