Preventing Zika

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The following is recommended to prevent Zika:  

Bed covered by a mosquito net

Using a mosquito net or air conditioning when sleeping.  

Long-sleeved clothes and closed shoes or travel clothes

Wearing cool, long-sleeved clothing and light colours.  


Using an insect repellent that is labelled as suitable for tropical areas. Those that contain between 20% and 50% DEET are the most highly recommended. Equally effective are icaridin (>20%), IR3535 (>30%) and PMD (>30%). If you are using sun protection, it should be applied before the repellent.  

Woman who cannot get pregnant

Travelling to areas where zika is present is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are pregnant and you have been in an area with an outbreak, you are advised to go to a referral centre to be tested for Zika, whether or not you have experienced symptoms during your trip. If the test is positive, the Obstetrics Department must carry out close monitoring during the pregnancy.   


Use a condom during sexual relations, including throughout pregnancy. Couples who are trying for a baby should avoid Zika risk zones, or otherwise postpone conception until at least three months after the trip. The potential risk of sexual transmission must be taken into account, which means that even if only one partner has travelled, the recommended safety period of three months must be observed.  

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