Performing a Caesarean Section

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A caesarean section is performed in the operating theatre and is a generally guided by 2 gynaecologists. In addition, there are also 1 or 2 anaesthesiologists, nursing staff for surgical instruments, auxiliary staff and a midwife who checks the baby's well-being and performs the initial dressings.

The estimated average time from when the caesarean section is made to the birth of the baby is 5-10 minutes, with the total procedure lasting 30-45 minutes.

As long as the caesarean section is not urgent and there are no anticipated complications, the pregnant woman can be in the operating room with a companion by her side throughout the process.

Epidural anaesthesia is normally used, although general anaesthesia may be necessary in some urgent caesarean section cases or when there is serious maternal illness.

Once the anaesthetic takes effect, an indwelling bladder catheter is inserted and the skin is disinfected (asepsis). Before the skin incision, antibiotics are administered intravenously as a prophylactic measure against infection. The skin incision is horizontal, about 10 cm long, above the pubis. The different layers of the abdomen are then opened until the uterus is reached. An incision is made into the uterus and the baby is manually removed.

The umbilical cord is cut about a minute after the baby is born. Afterwards, the expulsion or delivery of the placenta occurs and the uterus and the different layers of the abdomen are closed; performing careful haemostasis and checking there is no bleeding. The closure of the caesarean section scar is performed by means of an intradermal suture or with surgical staples.

Caesarean section complications

In general, a caesarean section is a very safe surgery. Some of the risks of a caesarean delivery are infection of the surgical site and bleeding. Bladder and bowel injuries are very rare.


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