A Caesarean Section at the Clínic

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Over 800 caesarean sections are performed each year at the Hospital Clínic. Globally, the caesarean section rate is 28%, but the risk-adjusted rate is 18% (the rate one would have if there were a proportion of high-risk women comparable to that of the population).

The Clínic is expert at and a reference in caesarean sections with suspected placenta accreta, which is an increased adherence of the placenta to the uterus wall. This means it is more difficult to detach after birth without there being serious bleeding. This type of caesarean section is very complex and requires a multidisciplinary team specialised in maternal-foetal medicine, gynaecology, radiology, anaesthesiology and urology.

At the other end of the clinical spectrum, in low-risk cases, the Clínic also offers ‘bonding’ caesarean operations; where parents can choose key aspects of this intervention to promote mother-father-child bonding; ensuring the necessary safety standards are maintained during the operation.

The Maternal-Foetal Service has collaborated in the preparation of the local government "Department of Health Protocol on childbirth and postpartum care", from the Generalitat of Catalonia.


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